Fall 2010


5.1 – Fall Colors
The leaves, they are a-changin’… Read a book with a title that includes a fall leaf color (yellows, oranges, browns, reds). (EXAMPLES: The Red Tent, The Scarlet Letter, The Gold Coast, A Clockwork Orange, Tangerine, etc.)

5.2 – The Play Must Go On
Read a play (minimum 70 pages). Since this is a reading challenge, we would prefer that you read a play. However, if your only option is to see or listen to a play, theatre, radio, and audio productions must be at least 2 hours in length to count for this task. Listopia Help: Best Plays Ever, Best American Plays, Best British Plays, Best Non-American and Non-British Plays
OPTIONAL: What did you think of the play? Write a short review.

5.3 – T.H.A.N.K.S.G.I.V.I.N.G
Read a book by an author whose initials are found sequentially in the word THANKSGIVING (TH, HA, AN, NK, KS, SG, GI, IV, VI, IN, NG, GT).
TH – Thomas Harris
HA – Hans Christian Andersen
AN – Audrey Niffenegger
NK – Nicole Krauss
KS – Kathryn Stockett
SG – Sara Gruen
GI – Greg Iles
IV – Ian Vasquez
VI – Virginia Ironside
IN – Irene Nemirovsky
NG – Neil Gaiman
GT – Gayle Trent

5.4 – I’m Glad My Mother Didn’t Name Me…
Read a book written by an author OR one with a main character that has a name you’re sooooo glad is not yours. (NOTE: The author or main character must share your gender. In other words, no A Boy Named Sue situations). (EXAMPLE: Fannie Flagg — Love her books, but sooooo glad my name’s not Fannie).

5.5 – Take Me Out to the Ball Game
The World Series takes place in October. Read a book about baseball OR a book with a baseball related word in the title (hit, run, out, safe, home, base, player, single, double, triple, play, ball, game, etc.). (EXAMPLES: The Boys of Summer, Home Safe: A Novel, Hit and Run, etc.)

5.6 – She’s a Beauty
November 20th is Beautiful Day. Read a book with a cover you consider beautiful.

5.7 – Circle of Life
Read any book by an author that was born or died in September, October, or November. (EXAMPLES: Mark Twain, J.R.R. Tolkien, Anne Tyler, Agatha Christie, Neil Gaiman)

5.8 – Freedom to Read
September 25 – October 2 is Banned Book Week. Read a banned or challenged book.Listopia help: Best Banned and/or Censored Books, The Most Frequently Challenged Books, Banned Books, Banned Books 2007-2008

5.9 – Comfort Read
The weather is turning colder. It’s time to snuggle up with your hot beverage of choice and a good book. For this task, you should reread an old favorite, revisit a beloved author, or pick up your favorite genre. OPTIONAL: Tell why you consider this a comfort read.

5.10- Name That Car
October 2nd is Name Your Car Day. Read a book with a title that contains a word or words that someone might name their car if they were so inclined. (EXAMPLES: Beast,Baby Baby, Asking for Trouble, Summer On Blossom Street (Blossom being the car’s name), Frankenstein, etc.). OPTIONAL: Tell us why you chose that name. 


10.1 SHORTER DAYS – Read a book of short stories, novellas, or essays. The book may be by a single author or an anthology. Ex. Selected Stories of O. Henry, Essays of E. B. White, Masterpieces: The Best Science Fiction of the 20th Century

10.2 WE NEED A DRINK- Read a book with a beverage in the title (alcoholic beverages are encouraged, but optional) Ex. The Gin Closet, Whiskey Sour
The beverage should be something that you could buy in a traditional (non-paranormal/fantasy) store or bar/pub/tavern. 

10.3 FREEDOM!: The Emancipation Proclamation (Sept. 22, 1863) – Read a book related to any “emancipation” movement related to a social or legal condition – it could be American slavery, but it could also include South Africa, women’s rights, people rebelling against colonial powers, the Jedi knights trying to overthrow the empire, etc. Ex. Chains, On Account of Conspicuous Women: A Novel, The Long Song

10.4 LEAVING CIVILIZATION BEHIND – Read a book where a large part of the story takes place in a natural setting ex. forest, desert, on or under the ocean, mountain, etc. It could be a book about a wilderness adventure or vacation, new world colonization, or planetary exploration. Ex. Into the Wild, High Country, The Stone Gods, A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail

10.5 THE FIRST ESTATE– Read a book with a a significant character who is a religious leader/has a religious vocation. Ex. minister, priest, imam, rabbi, parson, abbott, monk, nun, prior, friar, priestess, lama, etc. Ex. Sacred Hearts, In the Bleak Midwinter, Dalai Lama: Man, Monk, Mystic, A Morbid Taste for Bones If the character is not clearly identified in the book description, please identify the character when you post

10.6 IN THE PINK– October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Read a book with a pink cover. The book cover should appear at least half pink. Helpful Posting Information: Include the link to the book cover when you post.

10.7 CITY LIGHTS– Read a book with the name of a specific city (town, village, etc.) OR the word “City” in the title. Ex. Galveston, London Calling, The Devil in the White City Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America. Since this task requires a specific city, “cities” and other variations may not be used.

10.8 WHAT A WAY TO MAKE A LIVING- Vacation is over and it is back to work- Read a work memoir (Non-Fiction) Work memoirs focus on the experiences of the author’s career. Ex. Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science, All Creatures Great and Small, Stet: An Editor’s Life, Teacher Man, On Thin Ice: Breakdowns, Whiteouts, and Survival on the World’s Deadliest Roads

10.9 UNDER THE COVERS- A good book is flashlight worthy. – Go to Flashlight Worthy, browse around a bit, then choose a list you like, read one book from that list. Required:Please tell us the list that you chose. Optional: Tell us if your book was “flashlight worthy”.

10.10 GROUP HUG- Read a book that is on any OTHER Goodreads Group’s “Currently Reading” shelf when you select the book. You do not need to be a member of the other group. Required: Please tell us the name of the group. 


Go to 
Top Shelves and pick a book from a shelf that involves a genre or subject matter that is outside or on the edge of your comfort zone. Shelves like “borrowed” or “abandoned” don’t work for this task.

You may use any of the shelves – you’re not restricted to the first page of shelves that shows when you click on the link.

REQUIRED: Please tell us which shelf you picked from.

OPTIONAL: Tell us whether you’d be interested in reading more books like this one.

Add one or more books that you recommend to the Seasonal Reading Challenge Recommended Books, or vote for your favorites already listed, AND

Read a book from that list that someone else recommended. 

OPTIONAL: Tell us which was your favorite book that you added to the list/voted on.

Go to The List Randomizer and enter: 
– South America 
– Europe 
– Asia 
– Australia 
– Africa 
(Note: Antarctica and North America are excluded.) 

For the continent listed first in your random list, read a fiction OR non-fiction book: 
– about any part of that continent, OR 
– set any place on that continent, OR 
– written by an author from that continent. 
Your first shot on the randomizer is it for this task (no double-dipping). 

Read two books that have the same number of characters in their titles. Punctuation marks are characters. Spaces do not count as characters. Example: Innocent and Catch-22.

If a book has a subtitle (defined for this purpose as additional words following a colon after the main title), you may use it or not – your choice. For example, if your first book is Ford County: Stories (10 characters without subtitle, 18 with subtitle), you could useThe Insider or The Elements of Style. If your book title includes a subtitle, the colon counts as a character if you use the subtitle, but it does not count as a character if you do not use the subtitle.

Go to 
Literature Map and type in an author. Read a book by another author new to you who comes up on the literature map. 

OPTIONAL: Tell us which author you first entered and whether you thought the literature map did a good job of picking another author you’d like.

One-hit Wonder Day is Sept. 25 – Read a book that was the only book of its type by the author (a foray into science fiction by a mystery writer, an adult book by someone who normally writes children’s books, a fiction book by someone whose other books are nonfiction, etc.), or the only book the author has published to date. 

Examples: The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town (only nonfiction by John Grisham); The School of Essential Ingredients (her other books are nonfiction);Beat the Reaper (only published book).

For a list of well-known “One Hit Wonders,” see One Book Authors

YA is not a separate genre for purposes of this task.

To distinguish short stories-novellas-novels, the key is whether something has been published as a separate work, rather than in a collection. So, if an author has only published long form fiction (stand alone novels) before, then a collection of short stories/novellas will count as a new departure, and thus will work for the task. Similarly, if the only published works have been in collected forms such as “6 Short Stories and a Novella,” or “3 Novellas,” and the author has one stand alone novel, that would work for this task.

Choose one book based on your solution to the mystery. 
Libby Librarian was lying on the floor unconscious. There was a ladder across from her, an open door across the room and a very heavy book lying next to her. What happened? 

A) She fell off the ladder reaching for the classic leather bound books on the top shelf – Read a book from the Classics Library List 
OR from Modern Classics 


B) Someone broke in, knocked her over and ran out the open door when they heard you come in. – Read a book from Best Crime and Mystery Books


C) A heavy book fell off the shelf and hit her in the head. – Read a book from Big Fat Books Worth the Effort. 

In honor of Pablo Picasso’s birthday on October 25, read a book (fiction or non-fiction) where the subject is visual art or a visual artist or one in which a significant character is a visual artist (includes painters, sculptors, movie-makers, graphic artists, illustrators, photographers, etc). 

Does not include books about books unless it ties to art (e.g. graphic novels, comic books). It’s not sufficient to read a graphic novel, unless it’s a graphic novel about an artist. Dancers, models, actors, etc. are not artists or an art form for purposes of this task.

A fiction book need not be about a real artist – it could be completely fictional, but with a character who is some sort of visual artist. 

For some suggestions on fictional books about artists, see Art and Artists in Fiction
NOTE: like any Goodreads list, this is subjective and anyone can add any book to any list. Because of this, don’t assume that because a book is on the list, it automatically fits the task – take a look at the description of the book for yourself!


Go to: Coin Collector

Please click Flip Again! Those are your coins – no more flipping!
-If you get 2 Do It! (or heads), read a book or books totalling at least 300 pages 
-If you get 1 Do It! (or heads) and 1 The Hell With It! (or tails), read a book or books totalling at least 500 pages 
-If you get 2 The Hell With It! (or tails), read a book or books totalling at least 700 pages

You may read as many books as you like to meet this task, but each book must be at least 100 pages long. 

REQUIRED:With the task, please list the result of your coin flip and the # of pages that were in each book you read. 

For those who get frustrated when they find “the perfect book” for a task, but they’ve already found another “perfect book” for that task…………

A. Read a book which fits another task from this challenge. The task must be one with some restrictions on the book chosen – for instance, you couldn’t use a task that only specifies a number of pages to be read. REQUIRED: When you post, please indicate which other task your book fits.


B. Read a book from the Fall Group Reads nominations that was not selected as the Fall Group Reads in its category. You may choose a book from any of the categories – it doesn’t have to be from the same category as the Group Reads book you chose (but it can be, if you’d like). The three books that were selected as Group Reads are not eligible. 


20.1 Stephanie Anne’s Task (Most Improved Player) – Bookmarks Magazine 

I am a huge fan of Bookmarks magazine and look forward to each new issue in my mailbox. Check out the website at Bookmarks Magazine and scroll down to view the issues from 2010. You can also find the Bookmarks Magazine’s Goodreads Shelves atBookmarks Goodreads shelves That link has shelves for all books reviewed in Bookmarks in 2010 – the magazine website does not yet include clickable links for the July/August or September/October issues.
Click on an issue to view all books reviewed and the stars awarded by the magazine. Select and read any book of your choice that was reviewed this year. 

Required: In your posting, you must include the issue you selected.

If you also fall in love with the magazine, check out the goodreads group dedicated to its featured books… Bookmarks Subscribers. Happy reading! 

20.2 Karen GHHS’s Task (Rookie on Top) – Music Tells the Story 
I love musicals and opera so for this task choose your favorite musical or opera or one set in a time or place that interests you. 
Then select a book or books from these options to reach a minimum of 300 pages: 

A. The original novel your choice was based on: 
Musical : Les Miserables 
Book: Les Misérables 

B. A nonfiction book about your choice: 
Wicked: The Grimmerie, a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Hit Broadway Musical 
Richard Strauss, Salome 

C. A book with the same setting as your choice (time or place or subject). This can be a real life or fantasy setting. This task is meant to be fun for you and allow you to find a way in which the two stories, musical and book, connect. 


Musical: Miss Saigon 
Books: The Things They Carried 
Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War 

Musical: Wicked 
Witch Child 
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 
The Witch of Blackbird Pond 

Opera: Madame Butterfly 
Memoirs of a Geisha 
Kissing the Mask 
The Teahouse Fire 

Required: Name your musical or opera. 
Optional: Explain the connections between your musical choice and your book choice

20.3 El’s Task (Best Review Contest) – Feminist Literature 
Elizabeth Cady Stanton (b. November 1815, d. October 1902) was a leading figure in the early days of the women’s movement in the US. In her honor read a book of feminist literature. 

Suggestions for feminist literature – may not be limited to just these books. 

Other suggestions – as always with Goodreads lists, not all books may actually be appropriate (eg, Sex and the City or Bridget Jones’s Diary will not work for this task). It is always good to double-check. 

Note: A book written by a woman does not automatically mean it is a feminist work. It should be a book that was either influential to the women’s movement (The Feminine Mystique, etc.) or deals heavily in women’s rights and/or issues (Herland, etc.); not just about a woman who can’t find a good man or the right pair of high heels. 

This can be fiction or non-fiction so long as it fits the task (and you are able to defend it if necessary). This is not limited to women’s movements in the United States. There are women all over the world and in many countries who are still fighting for their rights. 
For this purpose the idea of feminist literature is a work that focuses on the struggles of women in a male-dominated society and hopefully their efforts to change their environment. What I would really like to illustrate is that “feminism” does not necessarily equate “radicalism” – though works of radical feminism is acceptable here as well if one chooses to do so. I’ve known many women who turn their nose up at the idea that they may be considered “feminist” – they find it offensive because what they know are the negative connotations that they’ve seen of militant feminists. My personal definition is simply equality. Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth is much different than Gloria Steinem’s Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions: Second Edition, yet they’re both important works of literature and both helped change either society and/or literature.

Please no re-reads or YA.

20.4 Mrs. Soule’s Task (Author! Author!) – The Plot Line Thickens 
Choose your favorite movie scenario then read a book with a similar plot line. 

EXAMPLE: my favorite movie scenario is the fair maiden escaping through the jungle with the Indiana Jones-style hero a la Romancing the Stone, so I could read 
Out of Control by Suzanne Brockmann or Midnight Rainbow by Linda Hamilton (both involve a hero & heroine at some point fighting their way through the jungle).

20.5 Liz Vegas’s Task (Bigger is Better) – Oprah’s On! 
The Oprah Winfrey show first aired on September 8, 1986 during the 1986-87 season. The 25th and final season of The Oprah Winfrey Show will be the 2010-2011 season, beginning September 13, 2010. 

To celebrate this long running show, read ONE BOOK that was published in 1986 or 1987.Requirement: state publication year when posting. 

20.6 LDB’s Task (Seasoned Reader) – Seeing Yourself in a Title 
Read a book whose title includes all of the letters of your first, middle OR last name. Including sub-titles is fine, letters cannot be counted twice (i.e., if you have two of a certain letter in your name, the title must also have two of that letter), nick-names or shortened names are not accepted, and the letters in the title do not have to be in any particular order.

For example, my name is “Laura” so I could read “The G U e R nsey L iter A ry A nd Potato Peel Pie Society,” “The Book of LAU ghte R A nd Forgetting,” etc. 

If you have questions about a name you want to use, please go to the help thread to get it approved.

REQUIRED: When posting your task, please include the name that you used for the task. If you do not wish to post your real name, you can use an anagram of the name in your post. 

20.7 Erin NY’s Task (Shorter is Sweeter) – The Melting Pot 
Let’s celebrate the diversity of people from many countries. Use this opportunity to learn about another culture and the people around you. 

Read a novel about an immigrant experience from another country into the US (or if you live in another country about an immigrant into your country). 
It is not sufficient for one of the characters to be an immigrant – the main subject of the book has to be the experience in a new country.
If you live outside the US, you can read about an immigrant to your country OR to the US. If you live in the US, the book must take place in the US.

Some examples: The Namesake, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Night of Many Dreams: A Novel, Queen of Dreams, Shanghai Girls, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Tis. 

20.8 Nancy’s Task (It’s My Birthday) – Pirate Talk 
My birthday is in September and… 
September 19 is Talk Like A Pirate Day – Read a book that has a word that contains the consecutive letters arr in the title (ex. marriage, arrange, carry). 

20.9 Lindsey KY’s Task (Lucky Me) – Babies! 
Since I just had my first baby, read a book with the word baby or babies in the title OR read a book where a baby (under age 2) is central to the plot.

20.10 Group Reads 
Read one of the following Group Read Selections and make at least one post in the discussion thread.
A. Recent TBR Additions –Little Bee
NOTE: This book was published under the titleThe Other Hand in the UK.
B. Most Wanted of 2010 – Mockingjay
C. Suspense – The Passage 


25.1 – Wendy MA’s Task – And the Story Continues… 
September, October, and November are the 9th, 10th and 11th months of the year. For this task, read two books (totaling to at least 400 pages) that are either the ninth, tenth, or eleventh books in a series. For example in the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child- One Shot is number 9, The Hard Way is number 10, and Bad Luck and Trouble is number 11. In the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris Dead and Gone is 9, Touch of Dead is 10, and Dead in the Family is 11. Books may be read in series order or by publication date. You do not have to read the same author for both books. Enjoy!!

25.2 – Leigh Ann’s task – AS HER DEBUT… 
The Summer Challenge was my very first challenge, and I’m so excited to have finished it! In honor of that, please read 2 books: 

A. Pick any author and read (or reread) their debut novel (fiction)
Listopia Help: 
Great Debut Novels
Best New Author Debuts
B. Pick an author who published their debut novel (fiction) in 2010 and read it. If they’ve published more than one this year you can read your choice. 
Listopia Help: 
2010 Debut Authors (Young Adult & Middle Grade Literature
My 2010 Debut Author Challenge

25.3 – Sandy’s Task As Suggested by Katy: Daylight Savings 
Choose two books from the following options (books must be from two different categories): 
A) Since we’ll be “falling back” with our clocks, fall back in time and read a historical fiction novel or a nonfiction book about a historical time period before you were born. 
B) Read a book that features time travel. 
C) Since the days will be shorter, read a short book (100-300 pages). REQUIRED: If you choose option C, include in your post the number of pages in your book.
D) Since dark will come earlier, read a “dark” book – select a book that is over 100 pagesfrom Most Depressing Book of All Time
OPTIONAL: If you choose option D, tell us whether you agree that the book is “The Most Depressing Book of all Time.”

25.4 – Lisa MD’s Task: Stay Tuned For Your Regularly Scheduled Program 
You are all settled in the recliner, remote in hand, for a night of television watching. It’s that much anticipated time of year, when old favorites return and new shows premiere. You scroll through the menu on your big, flat-screen HDTV, then press the remote to tune in to your show; but wait, the t.v. goes static, develops rabbit ears, and your rocker fully reclines and you flip over backwards in time until you reach 1960. 

For this task, roll The Random Dice Generator to determine which t.v. channel you have tuned into. The first number represents the 2010 Fall T.V. Line-up and the second number represents the 1960 Fall T.V. Line-up. You must read the two books, which correspond to your television shows OR if your regularly scheduled show is interrupted, you may CHOOSE to read the exceptions to your programming. 

2010 Fall T.V. Line-up 
1. Hawaii Five-O 
Read a book set in Hawaii. 
2. How I Met Your Mother 
Read a book where a mother is a main character. 
3. Blue Bloods 
Read a book with a police officer as a main character. 
4. The Vampire Diaries 
Read a book with a paranormal character. 
5. Mad Men 
Read a book primarily set in the 1950’s or 60’s. 
6. Glee 
Read a book with a high school setting or musical main character. 

1960 Fall T.V. Line-up 
1. The Flintstones 
Read a book with bare feet or a dinosaur on the cover. 
2. Gunsmoke 
Read a book with a western cover or a kitty (cat) on the cover. 
3. My Three Sons 
Read a book with the word “son(s)” in the title or subtitle or a male name in the title. 
4. The Andy Griffith Show 
Read a book with any of the following on the cover: police car, police badge, fishing gear, bee, barbershop, gas station or jail cell. 
5. 77 Sunset Strip 
Read a book with a number in the title (actual #, written form or ordinal number). 
6. The Bugs Bunny Show 
Read a book with an animal (insects are acceptable) in the title. 

***Pardon the interruption, but there are some exceptions to the regularly scheduled programming: 

A. Snake Eyes (Double Ones) 
You may choose any two programs you want from the 2010 and/or 1960 line-up, and complete the required reading for each. 
B. Boxcars (Double Sixes) 
You have entered an episode of The Twilight Zone, and may read two sci-fi books. 
C. Any Seven 
You may read a book with a black/white/grey cover, AND a book with three or more colors on the cover. 

Roll 26 – Then you must complete the reading requirements for the following shows: 
(2010) 2. How I Met Your Mother – Read a book where a mother is a main character. 
(1960) 6. The Bugs Bunny Show – Read a book with an animal (insects are acceptable) in the title. 

Roll 34 – Then you must complete the reading requirements for the following shows ORcomplete the requirements for the exception to the regularly scheduled program: 
(2010) 3. Blue Bloods – Read a book with a police officer as a main character. 
(1960) 4. The Andy Griffith Show – Read a book with either of the following on the cover: police car, police badge, fishing gear, bee, barbershop, gas station or jail cell. 
OR C. Any Seven – You may read a book with a black/white/grey cover, AND a book with three or more colors on the cover.

REQUIRED: Report what numbers you rolled when posting completed task. 


30.1- pjreads’s task as suggested by Jen B: IT’S IN THE CARDS 
Go to: Card Generator 
And use the random card generator to narrow down your TWO books for this task. (You may make up to 4 draws, but you only need to read two books.) 

If your card is a(n): 
ODD NUMBER (3, 5, 7, 9): Your book must have been published in a year ending in an ODD number (1999, 2001, 2003, etc) 
EVEN NUMBER (2, 4, 6, 8, 10): Your book must have been published in a year ending in an EVEN number (2000, 2002, 2004, etc) 
ACE: Your book must be the first in a series 
JACK: Your book must be written by a man 
QUEEN: Your book must be written by a woman 
KING: Your book must be set in/about/by an author from a country that is ruled by a king or a queen (ie: Britain, Spain, Sweden, etc.) Here’s a helpful list: CountriesRequired: Tell us the country when you post.

If your card is a: 
SPADE: Your book must be a classic (published in 1960 or earlier)
DIAMOND: Your book must have at some point been on a bestseller list Required: Tell us what list when you post- providing a link is helpful.
CLUB: Your book must be by a Goodreads Author 
HEART: Your book must have been published since Jan 1, 2000. 

* If I drew the Queen of Hearts, I’d have to read a book written by a woman that has been published since Jan 1, 2000.

Required: Tell us what cards you drew

30.2 – Sheila’s task: INS & OUTS
It’s Fall which around here means working on the house in preparation for a long winter. For this task you will need to read 2 books. 

Book A. needs to have something on the EXTERIOR of a house in the title. Examples.Shutter Island, The Broken Window, Thirteen Steps Down, The Tin Roof Blowdown: A Dave Robicheaux Novel

Book B. needs to have a room on the INTERIOR of a house in the title. Examples:Back to the Bedroom, Secrets in the Attic, The Body in the Basement, Wolf Hall

30.3 – Dlmrose’s task: SHIPWRECKED!
Your Summer vacation cruise ship has sunk and you are now alone on a deserted island. You have managed to find survival supplies, but THE HORROR! you have found only TWO books. You may be on the island for a very long time. 

Read the two books that you would wish to find.
Optional: Tell us why you chose your books

30.4 – Cheryl TX’s task: MYSTERIES AND ANIMALS 

A. Read a mystery where an animal plays a main part in the story i.e. as a detective sidekick/pet or appears in the book description as having caused the mystery- stolen animals, the apparent cause of a death, etc. 

B. Read a mystery with an animal besides a dog or cat in the title.
Ex. The Lions of the North, Border Prey, Blue Wolf in Green Fire: A Woods Cop Mystery,The Anteater of Death: A Zoo Mystery,Death by Dressage, The Boreal Owl Murder: A Bob White Birder Murder Mystery, 

Mysteries have a detective protagonist (amateur or professional) who investigates and solves a crime . Mythical animals are allowed.

30.5 – Ms. Anderson and Tanja’s Task: LIFE LESSONS 
You don’t learn everything you need to know in school—sometimes you learn from life’s curriculum. 

You’ll read two books for this task. Roll a die twice, once for each book, or use Roll the Dice. Read a book that corresponds to each number you roll. If you roll the same number twice, both books should go along with that same lesson. Required: When claiming points, say what numbers you rolled and a word or two about how your book is connected to the lesson (if it isn’t obvious). 

1. Don’t Feed the Trolls: Read a fantasy novel or a book featuring a mythical or supernatural creature. Ex. Marked 
2. Learn from Your Mistakes: Read a book where the title contains a word from this list of commonly misspelled words: Misspelled Words Ex. The Five People You Meet in Heaven 
3. Mind Your P’s and Q’s: Read a book where the author has a P or Q in his or her name. Ex. Philip K. Dick, Laura Esquivel 
4. Don’t Eat Yellow Snow: Ignore the hype and judge for yourself! Read a highly rated book (4.1+ average rating) and if you would like, tell us whether or not you liked the book. Ex. The Hunger Games, The Pillars of the Earth 
5. Sometimes We Have to Choose the Lesser of Two Evils: Read a book that’s controversial to you. Ex. Lolita, The Chocolate War 
6. The Most Important Sex Organ is the Brain: Read a nonfiction book about something you don’t know (or don’t know well). Ex. The Year 1000, Three Cups of Tea

30.6 – KIRI’s task: KIRI’s task: Exploration & High Adventure

It’s Fall, time to return from our summer travels and lazy days, but we don’t have to give it all up. In honor of GIS Day (the 3rd Wednesday of November!) Read two books of non-fiction that travel the world exploring the boundaries of existence. This page might help you. Explorers 
A. Read one book focusing on the exploration of an unexplored destination with the potential of a life-threatening situation — Ex. Into Thin Air: A Personal Account of the Mt. Everest Disaster, Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage, The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon

Books for task A should have an element of a life-threatening situation. In other words, you are on own your own and if you can’t figure out how to survive, you won’t. 

B. Read about an explorer, navigator, discoverer, adventurer, or journeyer you’ve never heard of (or read) of before. Ex. A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail, The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific, Eat, Pray, Love, Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World

While people may think these are extreme (i.e. they’d never want to do it), they lack the life and death situations the books in A do.

• It must be a narrative. 
• No Frommers, Lonely Planet, etc

30.7 – Donna Jo’s task as suggested by Meghan: GOOD SPIRITS

In my state, Colorado, we make a lot of beer and have many Breweries. Just look and see:
Colorado Breweries
. In the Fall there are also a lot a beer Festivals across the state and all over the world. For instance, All Colorado Beer Festival, Great American Beer Festival, and, of course, Oktoberfest. These are just a few of many that happen throughout the Fall months. This doesn’t even include the many others around the world. Now raise our glasses/bottles/cans to the give cheers to the joyous event of reading. 

A. Since beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage, read a book that is older than you. In other words, read a book that was first published before you were born. Requirement: Include publication date in your post. 


B. Since beer brings about the “good spirits” in people and relaxes those after a long day, read a book with a person smiling on the cover. The smile could be a laughing smile, a smirk, a picture-perfect fake smile, or just a simple grin. Requirement: Post a link to the cover of book for part B or describe the cover. 

Read one book from the Top 150 Bestsellers list from Fall of 2009 and one from the Fall of 2000. 

Go to USA Today’s Top 150 Bestsellers 
Click on By Date (picture of a calendar) 
Change the year to 2009 
Change month to Sept, Oct or Nov 
Click on the 15th (no substitutions, please)
Hit Go 
Pick a book from list 
Repeat for the year 2000

Required: Tell us the month you used. 


50.1 Emily ID’s task: Semper Fi 

(Credit goes to Sue T. for the great idea to work the military in!) 

Because we celebrate Veteran’s Day in November in the United States, we’ll be honoring them in this task as well. 

First, go to the Random Dice Roller and click ‘roll again’ once. You only get one shot at this! 

You’ll be reading three books for this task. Your books for A and B can be rereads; your selection for C must be a book you have never read before.

A. If your first die is: 
1: Read a book about the American Revolution ex. Johnny Tremain
2: Read a book about the American Civil War ex. Gone With the Wind
3: Read a book about World War I ex. All Quiet on the Western Front
4: Read a book about World War II ex. Survival in Auschwitz
5: Read a book about the Crusades ex. The Knight Templar
6: Read a novel about a fictional or fantasy war* ex. The Return of the King

For our purposes, we’ll be using the wars specified. If it says a book about the American Revolution, then the book needs to deal with that in some way. These books don’t have to be factual books. They can be fictional, but they need to at least have something to do with the war mentioned. 

*War: a phenomenon of organized violent conflict, typified by extreme aggression, societal disruption and adaptation, and high mortality. If your book meets this definition, then it can count. If you have questions, please ask in the task help thread. 

This shelf might help you pick. War

Note: Not all books on the Goodreads lists are approved for these challenges. Read through the challenge rules to make sure your books conform. If you have questions, please ask in the task help thread specific to this task. 

B. If your second die is: 
1: Read a book where a general is a main character (if it’s not obvious from the book description, please tell us about the character) ex. Gods and Generals
2: Read a book with a Sailor as a main character ex. Billy Budd, Sailor
3: Read a book with a Special Forces main character (if it’s not obvious from the book description, please tell us about the character) ex. Inside Delta Force: The Story of America’s Elite Counterterrorist Unit
4: Read a book about the military or law enforcement agency OTHER THAN the United States. (This might include the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Royal British Navy, Italian Army, etc.) ex. Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad
5: Read a book about women in the military ex. They Fought Like Demons: Women Soldiers in the Civil War
6: Read a book with a Marine as a main character ex. Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two

Here’s a shelf Soldiers that might help here.

*The books for dice 1 and 2 ARE military themed, or at least feature military personnel as main characters. 

C. If your third die is: 
1: Read a book you haven’t read before with the word ‘Danger(ous)’ in the title ex. A Dangerous Fortune
2: Read a book you haven’t read before with the word ‘Bullet(s)’ in the title ex. Bullet
3: Read a book you haven’t read before with the word ‘Veteran(s)’ in the title ex.Veterans Way 
4: Read a book you haven’t read before with the word ‘Force(ful)’ in the title ex. Dark Force Rising
5: Read a book you haven’t read before with the word ‘Survivor(s)’ in the title ex. Sole Survivor
6: Read a book you haven’t read before with the word ‘Honor(able)’ in the title ex. True Honor

*These books for the third die do NOT have to be military themed. I’m looking just for military words in the titles here. They can be variations of the words too. I’ve listed some in the parentheses. 

REQUIRED: Tell us what your dice were.