Fall 2009

1. Our Children Are Our Future (Reads) – Funnily The First Letters Of The Fall Months Spell Out The Word Son (September, October, November) – So Read A Book That Has The Word Son(s), Daughter(s) (Because They’re Just As Important), Kid(s), Child, or Children In The Title.

2. An Apple (Book) A Day Keeps The Librarians Away – September Is National Apple Month So Let’s… 
• Read A Book That Has A Picture Of An Apple On The Cover.
• A Book With The Word Apple(s) In The Title.

3. In 1492 Columbus Sailed The Ocean Blue – In Honor Of Columbus Day (October) – Read A Novel Where The Main Character Travels At Sea Or A Non-Fiction Book About Sea Travel.

4. Adoption Story – November Is National Adoption Awareness Month – Read A Novel Where The Main Character Is Adopted Or Adopts A Child Themselves Or A Non-Fictional Book Related To Adoption.

5. Going Back To School – Re-read A Book That You Were Required To Read For School…See If You Feel The Same About It Now As You Did Then.

6. Terrifying Titles – Read A Novel That Has An Adjective In The Title That Relates To Halloween…I.E. Spooky, Creepy, Crawly, Scary etc. 

7. Giving Thanks – In Honor Of Thanksgiving (November 26th) Read A Book That Relates To The Thing You Are Most Thankful For. 
 Please Tell Us What That Is When You Claim Points.

8. Let’s Find Out If Two Heads Really Better Than One – Read A Book That Has More Than One Author. 
• Fiction Or Non-Fiction Is Acceptable
• But Short Story Collections With Multiple Authors Are Not Acceptable. I.E. It Should Be A Singular Work That Two People Collaborated Together To Create. 
• Ex. You Could Read The Nanny Diaries by Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus 

9. Coming Of Age Or All Grown Up (And Then Some) – Explore Stories Told From The Perspective Of A Character From One Of Two Opposite Ends Of The Age Spectrum By 
• Reading A Coming Of Age Novel. 
• A Novel Where The Main Character Is A Senior Citizen.

10. Fall Back In Time For Daylight Savings Time – Read A Novel Where One Or More Character(s) Travel Back In Time.

1. This Year Labor Day Falls On September 7th – Rock And Roll Pioneer Buddy Holly Was Born On That Day In 1936 – Read A Book First Published During His Lifetime (September 7, 1936 – February 3, 1959). 

2. On October 31st, 1993, River Phoenix Dies From A Drug Overdose – In Memory Of This Actor Who Died Before His Time; Read A Novel With A Character Who Suffers From An Addiction Or A Non-Fiction Book About Addiction (Such As A Memoir Of A Recovering Addict).

3. This Year Thanksgiving Falls On November 26th – Famous Children’s Author Stanley “Stan” Berenstain (The Berenstain Bears) Died On That Day In 2005 (He Was Born September 29, 1923) – In Memory Of Him…
• Read A Book With The Word Bear Or Bears In The Title.
• A Collection Of Children’s Stories.
• Several Children’s Books (The Number Of Pages Should Add Up To At Least 100). 
No Juvenile Or YA Books For This Task. 

4. Hispanic Heritage Month Begins On September 15 Which Commemorates The Anniversary Of Independence For Five Latin American Countries (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, And Nicaragua)/ In Addition, Mexico Declared Its Independence On September 16, And Chile On September 18. Read A Book Written By An Author From One Of Those Countries Or That Takes Place In One Of Those Countries Or A Non-Fiction Book About One Of Them.

5. Oktoberfest Is A Sixteen-Day Festival Held Each Year In Munich, Germany During Late September (And Running To Early October). – Read A Book Written By A German Author, Set In Germany, Or A Non-Fictional Book About Germany. (*To Enhance Your Reading You May Choose To Eat Some German Food Or Drink A German Beer But It’s Not Required). 

6. November Is Native American Heritage Month – Read A Book Written By A Native American Author, With A Main Character Who Is Native American, Or A Non-Fictional Book About Native Americans. 

7. Can You Read Faster Than A Speeding Bullet? – Christopher Reeve, Famous For His Role As Superman, Was Born On September 25, 1952…
• In Honor Of Him Read A Novel About Heroes/Heroines/Superheroes/Super-heroines 
• An (Auto)Biography Of Your Personal Hero/Heroine

8. You’ll Find It In The Dictionary – Noah Webster Was Born October 16, 1758 – In Honor Of Him Visit The Random Word Generator Website And Then Read A Book Whose Title Contains The 9th, 10th, or 11th Word You Come To.

9. Summer Has Gone With The Wind- On November 5, 2009, The Actress Vivien Leigh, Who Portrayed Scarlett O’Hara In The Film Adaptation Of GWTW, Would Have Been 96 Years Old – In Honor Of Her Most Famous Role – Read A Novel Set During The U.S. Civil War. 

10. This Task Is The Cat’s Meow – Read A Book That…
• Has The Word Cat(s) In The Title.
• Or Has A Picture Of A Cat(s) On The Cover. 

1. Brush Up On Your Grammar (English) – Select One Of The Following…
 Prepositions – Read 2 Books That Contain The Same Preposition In Their Titles. Ex. A Lesson Before Dying & I Heard That Song Before Homophones – Read 2 Books That Contain Words That Are Homophones – (This website has a list to help http://www.all-about-spelling.com/lis…) Ex. If You Chose The Words Peace & Piece You Could Read War and Peace & The Missing Piece.

 Participles – Read A Book Whose Title Contains A Verb And Another With It’s Participle…Ex. Me Talk Pretty One Day & Straight Talking A Novel – Talking Is The Present Participle Of Talk.

2. Rewriting History – Read an Alternative Historical Novel. Afterwards, Post A Review Where You State Whether You Think The World (Or A Particular) Country Would Be Better Today If The Author’s Version Of History Is What Really Happened. Give Reasons Why.

3. Discover The Equation For Good Books (Math) – Pick 2 Of The Following…

• Addition – Add Up The Number Of Letters Found In Your First and Last Names Then Read A Book Written By An Author Whose Name Contains The Same Number Of Letters.Ex. For Me That Would Be 14 Letters So I Could Read A Book Written By Tracy Chevalier

• Subtraction – Subtract The Number Of Letters Found In Your Whole Name (First, Middle, Last) From Your Age And Read A Book With That Many Letters Or Words In The Title. Ex. I’m 27 And My Name Has 18 Letters Which Would Mean I Could Read A Book With 9 Letters In The Title Such As Going Home.

• Multiplication – Multiply Your Age By The Number Of Letters In Your Whole Name (First, Middle, Last) And Read A Book With Approximately That Number Of Pages (+/- 25 Pages). If Your Total Is Less Than 100 Pages You Would Need To Read A Book Between 100-125 Pages. Ex. 27*18 = 486 So I Would Need To Read A Book Between 461 And 511 Pages Such As [Book:Ransom|3336517]

• Division – Divide The Year You Were Born By Your Age (Round That Number To The Nearest Whole Number) And Then Read A Book That Is That Number In A Series.Ex. 1982/27 Is Equal To Approximately 73 Therefore I Would Need To Read A Book That Is The 3rd Or 7th In A Series.

4.Science Fact vs. Science Fiction
• Read A Science Fiction Novel And Watch A Film Related To Science Or Scientific Discovery.
• Read A Non-Fiction Book About Science And Watch A Science-Fiction Film.

5. Time To Study Abroad (Foreign Language)
• Read 2 Books That Were Originally Published In The Same Foreign Language (One You Don’t Speak Fluently).

6. Creative Minds (The Arts) – Choose ONE Of The Following Tasks…
 Learn Your Art History – Read A Book (Fictional Or Non-Fiction) About An Artist Or Art History AND Either Go To A Museum To View Art Or Create Art (Paint/Sculpt/Crafts/Photography Etc.). 

 Become A Member Of The Drama Club – Read A Play And See A Production Of It Live Or On Film.

 Music Appreciation Class – Read A Book With A Type Of Music In The Title (Jazz, Country, Pop, Rap Etc.) And Listen To A CD Or Attend A Concert Of That Type Of Music.

7. Let’s Get Physical (P.E.)
• Listen To An Audiobook While Walking/Jogging/Running Or Exercising In Some Way.
• Read A Book Written By Or About An Athlete (Fictional Or Non-Fiction) And Participate In Or Watch That Same Type Of Sporting Event. Example If You Read A Book About An Ice Skater You Could Go Ice Skating Or Watch It On Television/Live. 

8. Geography Lessons – Read Two Books That Take Place Countries That Correspond To Your Initials. If Your First Or Last Initial Is A Letter That Has No Country (I Think This Would Be Only X Or W) Then You Could Substitute Your Middle Initial.
• My Initials Are CS So I Could Read A Book That Take Place In Canada AND One That Takes Place In Spain.

9. Your Homework Assignment (Should You Choose To Accept It) Is To Read A Book With The Word Home OR Work In The Title.
• After Reading The Book You Have To Design A Homework Assignment That Relates Somehow To That Book. Post The Details Of The Assignment When You Claim Points For This Task.

10. Teacher-Student Relations – Read Both…
• A Book With A Teacher As The Main Character Or With The Word Teacher(s), Teach, Teaches, or Teaching In The Title.
• A Book With A Main Character Who Is A Student Or With The Word Student(s), Study, Or Studies In The Title.

1. MOST IMPROVED PLAYER – JULIE KS – I Am Very Faithful In My Christian Beliefs. Read A Christian Fiction Book. The Book Has To Demonstrate The Importance Of Living A Faith Centered Life. Some Good Authors Are Neta Jackson, Karen Kingsbury, And Jeanette Oakes.

2. ROOKIE OF THE SEASON – ERIN – Learn Your ABC’s – Read 3 Books That Begin With A,B,C Or Any Three Consecutive Letters In The Alphabet. “The” Does Not Count, Unless You Are Using T As One Of Your Letters. Books Must Be Over 100 Pages. 

3. GROUP READ – Read The Shadow of the Wind, Julie and Julia 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen, or Shutter Island. 

1. NICOLE OH’S TASK – Rhyme Time – Read ONE Fiction Book And ONE Poetry Book That Have A Word That Rhymes From Each Of The Titles. Example: A Light In The Attic By Shel Silverstein And The Friday Night Knitting Club By Kate Jacobs (Light And Night). It Must Be An Exact Rhyme! You must read a minimum of 350 pages total, with at a minimum of 50 of those pages being the length of your poetry book. 2. DONNA JO’S TASK – Find Two Authors Who Are Related By Blood Or Marriage And Read A Book By Each. If By Marriage, It Need Not Be Permanent At The Time The Books Were Written. (In Other Words, The Book(S) Could Have Been Written Before Or After Said Marriage.)
• In Your Post Please Be Sure To State The Relationship Between The Authors. For Instance, Anne Mccaffrey Is The Mother Of Todd Mccaffrey. Ted Hughes Was The Husband Of Sylvia Plath.

3. WENDY’S TASK – Harvey Milk, The First Openly Gay Man To Be Elected To Public Office In California, Was Murdered On November 27, 1978. In Honor Of Him Read A Book With A Positive Gay Or Lesbian Character. 

4. CANDACE’S TASK – Read A Book That Has Been Written Within The Last 10 Years And Made Into A Movie Within The Last 5. Read The Book And Watch The Movie Both, Then Post A Little Review Of The Two And Tell Us Which One You Liked Better And Why. (Examples: Atonement, Twilight, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Angels & Demons, Harry Potter (5& 6).

5. JANICE’S TASK – Fortune Telling Has Long Been A Halloween Tradition: Read A Book With “Fortune” Or “Prophecy” In The Title, OR That Features Fortune-Telling, Prophecy Or Prediction(s) As The Main Theme Or Has A Fortune Teller As A Main Character.

6. BJ ROSE’S TASK – Following The “Curse Of Tippecanoe” Theme Explained Below, Read A Non-Fiction Book Of At Least 500 Pages About One Of The 7 Presidents Listed Below OR About A President Or Prime Minister (Of Any Other Country) Who Has Been Democratically Elected (No Dictators Or Totalitarian Governments Or Military Juntas). When Finished, Post A Short Review About The Major Accomplishment(S) Of That Leader AND The Biggest Scandal During That Administration (Unfortunately, There’s Always At Least One Scandal For A Leader To Deal With). Include the # of Pages Read. 
Special Note: To Fulfill This Task, You May Instead Read 2 Shorter Books About Two Different Leaders, As Long As Your Page Total Is 500 Or More. 

The Curse Of Tippecanoe Is Attributed To The Prophet, The Brother Of The Famous Shawnee Leader, Tecumseh. On His Deathbed, the Prophet Cursed William Henry Harrison and the Office of the President. He Said Harrison Would Be Elected President, But Would Die Soon After Taking Office, And Every Twenty Years After Harrison A President Will Die In Office. From 1841 To 1963, All U.S. Presidents Who Had Been Elected In A Year Ending In 0 Died In Office. These Seven Presidents Were: 
1840 – William Henry Harrison – Died In 1841 During His First Term; 
1860 – Abraham Lincoln – Died In 1865 During His Second Term; 
1880 – James A. Garfield – Died In 1881 During His First Term; 
1900 – William McKinley – Died In 1901 During His Second Term; 
1920 – Warren G. Harding – Died In 1923 During His First Term; 
1940 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Died In 1945 During His Fourth Term; 
1960 – John F. Kennedy – Died In 1963 During His First Term.

7. CINDY’S TASK – One, Two, Three – Read Three Books…
• One With A One Word Title
• The Second With A Two Word Title 
• And The Third With A Three Word Title.

8. CAIT’S TASK – Nouns – The Most Basic Definitions State That A Noun Is A Person, Place, Or Thing. Read 3 Books:
• With The Name Of A Person In The Title. Proper Nouns Only (David Copperfield, Odd Thomas, Still Alice Would Work; Titles With Nouns Like Woman, Teacher, Doctor Would Not)
• With The Name Of A Place In The Title. Again, Proper Nouns Only (Gods In Alabama Or Motherless Brooklyn Would Work; Titles With Nouns Like School, Country, City Would Not)
• With A Thing/Object In The Title, Such As Tree, Key, Car, Book, Etc.

9. DIANE’S TASK – September Is Self-Improvement Month. 
•Read A Nonfiction Self-Improvement Or Self-Help Book. 
• Read A Book In Which The Main Character Undergoes A Significant Positive Change In His Or Her Life As A Result Of Self-Improvement (Can Be Fiction Or Nonfiction).

10. SAM’S TASK – Halloween Part III: Monsterfest – Read A Book With One Of The Following In The Title: Devil, Witch, Vampire, Zombie, Or Werewolf. Variations Of The Words Are Fine (E.G., The Witching Hour Or The Witches Are Okay), But They Must Appear In The Title (E.G., Queen Of The Damned Or Dead Until Dark Are Not Okay).

1. ROSEANN’S TASK – Your Job/Dream Job Challenge – First Read A Book That Is Somehow Related To Your Current Profession (Students Count) AND Then Read A Book That Is Related To Either Your Current Or Childhood Dream Job. The Books Can Either Have A Character Or Setting That Relates To That Job.

Minding the World – 3 books:
I. Senses – Read a book that has one of the traditional five senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell) in the title OR a book where one of these five senses plays a major role (The Miracle Worker, Oedipus Rex, King Lear). Post some highlights from what the book says about the sense.
II. Emotions – Read a book that has an emotion in the title (happy/joy, sad/sorrow, angry/anger, afraid/fear, etc.) OR a book where an emotion plays a major role. Post some highlights from what the book reveals about the emotion. 
III. Memories – Pick one of your keepsakes that reminds you of an event in your life. Read a book with either the event or the reminder in the title OR a book where either the event or the reminder plays a major role. In your post identify the keepsake and the event.