Seasonal Reading Challenge

Do you want to broaden your reading horizons and discover new books, authors and genres?
Do you love reading challenges?
Do you live for competition?
Do you have a hard time deciding what you want to read next?
Or do you simply enjoy discussing books with fellow readers?

Each season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) presents a new challenge with a series of reading related tasks. Each task is assigned a point level and then it’s up to you to decide which tasks you’ll attempt (or if you want to try to finish them all!) and then find and read the books that fit. It’s a fun way to stretch your reading radius and discover new books, authors, and genres. But be careful…it’s addictive! Your to-be-read shelf may never be the same!

Begun by Cynthia in The Next Best Book Club, the SRC has grown through the participation of its members. To find out more about how the Seasonal Reading Challenge works, and how YOU can be a part of it, check out The Seasonal Reading Challenge Explained and Getting Started.