Mission to Horatius

Mission to Horatius Book Cover Mission to Horatius
Mack Reynolds
Star Trek

SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S ITEM OUT OF PRINT FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS! THE LOST STAR TREK® NOVEL Captain Kirk investigates a primitive planet suffering raids from its high-tech neighbors.

Background information 

  • This novel was the first original story written in the Star Trek universe.
  • This book was written as a young adult tie-in to the series.
  • Though the book first saw publication through Whitman Publishing, Pocket Books obtained the rights to create a 30th Anniversary reprint in 1996.

From the book jacket

While exploring a new star system, NGC 434, Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise find themselves in an adventure, from one planet to another.
They enlist the help of Grang, a local from NGC 434 to guide them through the system, all while attempting to find the runaway mouse “Mickey” on the Enterprise.

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