Three to Get Deadly

Janet Evanovich

Three to Get Deadly Book Cover
Three to Get Deadly Stephanie Plum #3 Mystery Kindle 344 pages https://www.evanovich.com/three-to-get-deadly/

It’s January and the weather’s as bleak as Stephanie’s chances of apprehending Moses Bedemeir, Trenton’s most beloved candy store owner. So loved is Uncle Mo, the very fact that Stephanie’s out to bring him in makes her the most hated woman in town. Fortunately Trenton vice cop, Joe Morelli, seems to still like Stephanie. Maybe a little bit too much. It’s possible he’s just using Stephanie to help find Uncle Mo first.

Super bounty hunter, Ranger, Stephanie’s Grandma Mazur, and sidekick, Lula are also all in on the search. As they trip down a trail littered with dead drug dealers, Stephanie is beginning to suspect that kindly Uncle Mo has traded in his ice-cream scoop for a vigilante gun.

Two for the Dough

Janet Evanovich

Two for the Dough Book Cover
Two for the Dough Stephanie Plum #2 Mystery Kindle 336 pages https://www.evanovich.com/two-for-the-dough/

Killer Kenny Mancuso’s on the run and Stephanie Plum needs to bring him in for a big payday. Combining forces with Trenton’s hottest detective, Joe Morelli, might just give her a considerable advantage since Morelli and Mancuso are cousins.

When embalmed body parts start showing up on Stephanie’s doorstep, she arms herself with stun guns, defense spray, and killer flashlights. Soon she’s spending the day staking out the local funeral parlor with her Grandma Mazur, and spending the nights staking out the streets of Trenton with Morelli. It’s hard to say who’s going to lead Stephanie to trouble first.

Stephanie continues on being Stephanie and I want Grandma Mazur for my own.

One for the Money

Janet Evanovich

One for the Money Book Cover
One for the Money Stephanie Plum #1 Mystery Kindle 352 pages https://www.evanovich.com/one-for-the-money/

Stephanie Plum has lost her job, her car, her marriage and is about to lose her apartment if she doesn’t raise some cash quick. What’s a girl to do? Bond enforcement, of course. No experience necessary, especially since her sleazy cousin Vinnie owns the bail bonds company and can easily be blackmailed. Plum’s first case is to bring in former boyfriend (it ended very badly) and current police detective Joe Morelli. Morelli is wanted for murder and is going to be hard to find. Plum will need help from expert bond enforcement agent Ranger, a hooker named Lula, and her Grandma Mazur, who is always on top of the latest Burg gossip.

I read this for the first time several years ago and I really enjoyed it, It is a light read with the right touch of humor. Grandma Mazur is my favorite character of the bunch.